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    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on September 18 2018

    Roll it! Self myofascial release techniques will help reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle soreness and improve circulation. In this video we get into the glutes and posterior hip area as part of our injury prevention series. Enjoy! Want to know the best hamstring exercises for runners?! Whether you're trying to avoid another hamstring pull or just want to get stronger in your running, these are awesome! TRY our Running Club for FREE on a 7 day FREE TRIAL Complete holistic running programmes for distances from 5km to ultramarathon and for beginners to advanced runners. All include Run training sessions, mobility workouts daily, strength workouts specific for runners, nutrition guidance and mindset help Plus injury prevention series, foundational plans, running drill series and a huge library of videos, articles, podcasts, clean eating recipes and more.
  • Mobility Workouts - Lengthening the Lower Back and opening the hips

    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on September 02 2018

    Mobility Workouts - Lengthening the Lower Back and opening the hips
    Here Coach Neil Wagstaff from Running Hot Coaching takes you through some exercises to relieve lower back pain and lengthen out the hips. Having open hips is crucial for runners who want good form and technique.
    Daily mobility work helps prevent serious injuries.
    If you love running but don't like the common injuries make sure you subscribe to our channel and download our free 5 day "Run Faster, stronger, further" ecourse at
  • Mobility Workout For Runners

    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on August 03 2018

    Mobility Workout For Runners

    Being mobile, having a full range of motion in your joints, being flexible and helping your muscles recovery when tight and knotty is crucial for long term running success.

    It's a much neglected area for busy runners who just want to collect more kilometers rather than spending precious minutes every day helping their body recover and helping to avoid injuires. This is especially important for the older runner.

    Here Neil Wagstaff takes Ultra Endurance Athlete Lisa through a simple mobility workout you can do post run.

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