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Running Coaching with Lisa Tamati


Running Coaching with Lisa Tamati


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The Revolutionary Run Training System by Pro Ultra Endurance Athlete Lisa Tamati & Exercise Scientist Neil Wagstaff

Working with everyone from absolute beginners taking their first tentative steps through to elite ultra-marathon runners conquering the worlds longest and hardest races and everything in between, Lisa Tamati and Neil Wagstaff have spent over a decade as coach and athlete perfecting their systems and training philosophies.

The end result is a training system that's both holistic and ground breaking in it's approach. We don't believe in the old traditional high mileage models but train our runners for time efficiency and to get the most out of their body in the shortest amount of time. 

Our programmes are simple to follow and our system includes accountability, ongoing support to get your questions answered and a huge online family of like minded runners. 

Learn more about how to join our Running Hot Coaching family and see what you are really capable of by clicking here

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