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Podcast - Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits The show that gets deep into the psyche of limit pushers from all walks of life. Out of the box thinkers, elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs, social change innovators, scientists and more.

Cutting to the chase to find out what makes them so successful, how they did it, what their life philosophies are and what gems of wisdom they can impart to us all. With a strong bent on everything health, fitness, mental and physical performance enhancement.

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Recent Podcast Testimonials...

Lisa is a wealth of knowledge & experience. You name it, she's done it! Whether it be a crazy 200-300 kilometre race in extreme conditions or a rehab exercise, she has tested it. Lisa's word is gold to me. I love her advice she gives out so frequently & willingly. Her desire to keep our bodies as fit & healthy as hers is apparent.

LTH, Endurance Athlete

It's refreshing to hear Lisa Tamati's interviews on Pushing the Limits, and the diversity of interviewees is amazing. From business leaders and tech experts through to elite athletes, I look forward to listening to the latest podcasts as soon as they are produced. Keep up the great work!


Having met Lisa in the flesh I know how down to earth & real she is & this same relaxed personality comes through in her podcasts & interviews with her guests. I'm really enjoying the variety of topics and guests that are featuring on each show. Keep up the good work!

Haley VL

Outstanding podcast by someone who leads from the front and shares from the heart. Lisa is a true inspiration and has guests the provide amazing insights into the world of high performers. Keep up the great work Lisa. 

Dr. Nick Kimber

Excellent series, I wish I'd come across this earlier. Each episode has a gem of information to come away, that I've been able to personally use in my life, not only related to sports. Thank you!


This channel is well worth downloading and listening to. It is so down to earth and refreshing. You almost feel like you are right there with Lisa and her guest. Five star all the way.

Craig R. Oliver

Great podcast covering all aspects of health - great guest speakers from around the world! Love the knowledge on functional health provided from a variety of disciplines. 


It is fantastic to see inspirational kiwis like Lisa getting out there and helping people change their lives. She is very open and honest about her own life and many of the challenges that she has faced and continues to face. Lisa has a very diverse and knowledgable selection of guests and I go away from each episode taking something new and increasing my own knowledge. Great show Lisa... keep it up :)

Jody Samuels

Lisa has developed a mindset and a set of skills which have allowed her to conquer some of the biggest endurance events on the planet. Now with what she has learned she is applying it to having insightful in depth conversations with people who are the best at what they do. Lisa knows that with the right mindset anyone can achieve their goals and through these conversations she is able to inspire and motivate it within others. I feel a deep sense of belief within myself after listening to her podcast and her attitude and humour are infectious. Keep it up Lisa, and LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!


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