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"Lisa's course mental toughness and a never quit mindset. This can apply not only to running, but to any challenge in life. 

I enrolled in the course and told her my goals. Having taken other e-courses before where the only feedback from the instructor was “well done"

I didn’t know what to expect.  But this course has been way beyond my expectations.

Lisa goes above and beyond with her feedback, often responding to my answers in great depth of her own personal experiences with raw honesty. 

She really wants me to be fully prepared for that next level and reassures me she has competed with and knows runners my age that are doing just that.

It has become a highlight this year."

Carl Wright


"I absolutely loved the course! It was so very relatable to various life contexts.

I feel totally inspired by the incredible interviews and your guidance with the breathing exercises and also linking thoughts with physical actions, have been super useful, both in my running and my masters study. 

I reckon that if you don't challenge yourself, you never know what you are capable of. I just feel so empowered to keep going forward now.

Your course is so relevant and it provides me with encouragement. It's also so fabulous to hear others stories of difficulty and how they made it out the other side.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for providing this amazing course! I absolutely loved it! I now  have a little thought in the back of my mind about what the next big challenge will be once I finish my thesis.

Thank you so much! I think your absolutely amazing!"

Camille Cochrane

Path of an Athlete Student

"The Path of an Athlete came to me at a perfect time as I was struggling to find lost motivation as a runner.  I was still training but couldn't find my "why" anymore.

Every morsel of the program fed that fire again.  I gained huge inspiration from watching Lisa in action in the toughest conditions imaginable.  

I love that Lisa's honest recognition of some of the challenges comes with practical "you can do this" advice.

Every time I attempt my long runs now I tap into Lisa's powerful ability to dig deep and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  

It was also an advantage that I could take the course content in at my own pace and can refer back to it whenever I need to.  

I recommend for everyone from novice to elite."

Meri Fatin

Mindset Academy Graduate/Runner

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