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How To Set Goals Like A Professional

We know achieving your goals is hard.

You've set yourself a daunting challenge, something bigger than you have ever achieved before. Maybe its running your first marathon, starting a new business or getting a qualification or nailing a deal in the boardroom. 

Whatever your goal is doesn't really matter. Your main concern is that it is scary and daunting and you are feeling a mixture of fear and apprehension.

As the first seeds of doubt creep into your mind, it doesn't help that your friends and family think you're a bit nuts and are calling you crazy or your colleagues don't think you can do it or your best friend thinks this plan is doomed to failure. 

Before you know it, you're waking at 2am, gazing at the ceiling, questioning yourself. You end up oscillating between days of excitement and confidence, and days of doubt and despair. Does this sound familiar?

Don't panic because help is at hand...

In this download, you will get all the tools and tips you need (to achieve those big scary daunting goal) from someone who has been there and done that...


"My inspiration and idol, thank you Lisa for all the guidance and motivation you brought to me and thousands of others."

Tracy Woodford   Elite Athlete

I feel totally inspired by the incredible interviews and your guidance with the breathing exercises and also linking thoughts with physical actions, have been super useful, both in my running and my masters study.

Thank you so much! I think your absolutely amazing!"

Camille Cochrane

"I have had the privilege of having Lisa as my coach, mentor and friend for the last 3 years. During this time I have had to overcome quite a few stumbling blocks which has left me, at times, wanting to throw the towel in. 

Lisa has a wonderful way of listening, grasping the real problem and honing in on providing the right advise. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa and her coaching."

Nicola Benzie

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