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Running Form checklist to keep you focused on the correct technique

Lisa Tamati

Posted on February 07 2017

Running Form checklist to keep you focused on the correct technique

Running with good form will decrease your chance of injury and increase your efficiency.

Quick checklist for runners - things to be aware of and remind yourself of

when you start to fatigue check in with your running form.

A) Are your arms crossing over the centre line of your body or tracking straight. 

B) are you caving in in the chest or is your upper body held high - leading and using your solar plexus region as your accelerator and measurement for good form. 

C) is your core slightly engaged? Stopping too much movement in your pelvis/hip area. 

D) Is your centre of gravity over your legs as they land ie not landing heel first out in front of your body? 

E) Are you leaning from the ankles not caving forward from your hips? 

F) Are you pulling your leg up directly under your bum using your hamstrings and gluts not pulling up using your small hip flexor muscle? 

G) is your head straight not leaning or dropping forward? Are your ears in line with your shoulders?

Hope that helps your running efficiency. Use it as your regular check in with body check list


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