Coaching & Personal Training With Lisa

Lisa loves to coach, to share her extraordinary knowledge gained from a career racing some of the worlds toughest events all over the world, over a 20 year period.

She knows what not  to do, having reinvented the wheel and having had no guidance herself she now knows through trial and error and endless years of studying and experiementing on herself, what works and what doesnt.  

She has  developed her very own Philosophy and beliefs surrounding running, pushing your psychological and phyiscal limits and expanding your horizons.

She believes wholeheartedly that humans as a species are born to run and that  running is an elixir for so many of life ills. She believes that our bodies are engineered to run long distances, yes many of us have unlearnt that and need help finding their way back, but totally disagrees with the old wives tale that running is "bad for your joints" .

After running over 70,000km in races and training she speaks with some authority. She has had to overcome many major injuries including a broken back but even that has never stopped her running. 

Lisa has joined forces with long time friend, crew member and ultra runner Neil Wagstaff who has  been working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, Neil has trained hundreds of personal trainers and coaches himself and brings a huge amount of knowledge to the table.

He is an exercise physiologist and wants to bring you the best in coaching.

Whether you are just taking your first tentative steps, aiming for perhaps your first 5km perhaps or just wanting to reach the corner dairy right through to  elite ultra runners wanting to take on the daunting multi day desert stages race, 100 milers or Death Valleys Badwater Ultramarathon. Lisa and Neil have been there and done and know how to get you there. 

Through their company Running Hot Coaching, Lisa and Neil can offer you online coahing packages to suit your needs. They also run day running seminars, weekend retreats and corporate health and wellness seminars and programmes. 

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